To me, the fallen petals represent what has happened to our lives. And the ones that are face down are things that we can't do at all anymore. And the ones that are still face up are the ones we can still do... but at a price.. not like we used to be able to.
I took this picture after a rain storm and Fibro is the storm that has come thru all of our lives.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Living With Fibro

This blog will be a picture of our lives with fibromyalgia. If you have fibro, you are welcome to contribute. If you want to know more about fibro and how it affects our daily lives, you are welcome to browse around and read what others have posted. Your questions are welcome!

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  1. What a wonderful start when I get the opportunity I will send in my story of the legacy that fibro has created in my life I am also looking for another place to post my biblical blog from my study along with the historical stuff I unearth that goes along with my studying I already have a personal/crafting/quilting blog up but it has been neglected. Blessings, Sheli