To me, the fallen petals represent what has happened to our lives. And the ones that are face down are things that we can't do at all anymore. And the ones that are still face up are the ones we can still do... but at a price.. not like we used to be able to.
I took this picture after a rain storm and Fibro is the storm that has come thru all of our lives.


We are here to share some slices of our life with you. Fibromyalgia (and other chronic pain diseases) are widespread and the numbers are growing every day. There needs to be a real awareness of what we go through on a daily basis.

If you suffer from one of these diseases and want to contribute, please email your contribution to Karen at

You are welcome to write your own contribution, or if you need a little help, please feel free to start with the following questions (just copy/paste them into your email) -

1. How long have you been living with fibro?

2. What are the hardest/easiest times of day for you?

3. Do you work outside the home at a job?

4. Have children?

5. How do you manage the above 2 things? Any tips or tricks for us?

6. Are you happy with your Dr?

7. If not, what do you wish was different?

8. Are you living with fibro only, or are there other diseases to contend with?

9. Do you have good family support? Friend support?

10. How have you had to change your life, for fibro?

11. What have you given up, for fibro?

12. Please add anything else here.

I do look forward to hearing from you. If you need a support group for this time in your life, please click on Support near the top of the blog, and there will be some resources listed there. Sending gentle hugs your way, Karen